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Swiss Quality Cannabis

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Bulk Ingredients

Swiss quality cannabinoid and cannabis raw materials.

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Always Quality

We offer the highest quality wholesale cannabis and cannabinoid products, as bulk ingredients, bulk products, white label and bespoke formulation.

This is coupled with regulatory and legal expertise, and supported by next day delivery across Europe.
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Product Range

Bulk Ingredients

CBD ISOLATE Always Pure Organics | Bulk Ingredients

Cannabis and cannabinoid ingredients for manufacturing and product creation.

CBD Isolate CBG Isolate CBD Distillate

Bulk Products

CBD Balm Always Pure Organics | Bulk Poducts

Pre-Produced CBD and cannabinoid products in large volumes.

CBG Oil (MCT Carrier) CBD Oil (MCT Carrier) CBD Balm CBD Lotion Soft Gel Capsules Pet CBD Oil CBD Patches

White Label

White Label CBD Balm Always Pure Organics | White Label

‘Ready to Launch’ products, with full white labelling services to get your brand to market quickly.

Pet CBD Oil CBD Oil (MCT Carrier) CBG Oil (MCT Carrier) CBD Balm CBD Lotion Soft Gel Capsules CBD Patches

Bespoke Formulation

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Creating a unique product from scratch? We can provide the regulatory and product knowledge as well as production. Whatever your requirements, we can help.


Always Compliant

Delivering our promise by giving real value to our clients.

We help companies establish themselves and grow their own brand in the cannabis and CBD industry, providing pro-active advice on legal and regulatory matters.

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Always Deliver

We work across the entire supply chain of the CBD industry, including extraction, production, development, distribution and cannabis breeding. We pride ourselves on efficient logistics, and can offer next delivery across Europe.
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