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We are the supply chain you can trust to help you on your CBD venture, from start to finish.

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Our commitment to quality is the driving force behind Always Pure Organics, allowing us to quickly become an industry leader and trusted supplier of CBD worldwide.

This, along with our Pure Europe partnership and close relationship with researchers at ETH Zurich, has achieved us accreditations from the most prominent bodies in the cannabis industry.


Novel Foods

With the recent decision from the UK Government to regulate all CBD food products under the EU’s existing Novel Foods Regulations, it is now essential for CBD companies in the UK to apply. In the first week of December 2020 Always Pure Organics submitted our application for informal review.


Legal Consultation

As specialists in hemp & CBD, we offer advice on the ever evolving industry and subsequent laws & regulations.

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Hemp & CBD Training

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we offer hemp & CBD training to their staff.

This is available online or by appointment, where an Always Pure Organics representative will visit your business premises.

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