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Water Soluble Solution

MOQ 1 Litre

An exciting new addition to the APO product range, our Liquid Water Soluble is a solution containing tiny ‘bubbles’ of CBD contained within a hydrophobic layer – known as micelles. By containing the CBD in this way it is able to disperse within particles of water, avoiding the texture issues that arise from adding an Isolate or an Oil to a water-based product.

Our liquid solution comes in a range of CBD strengths from 5%-20%, to give the client as much flexibility for either formulating their own products or using as is. The perfect addition to morning tea or to a health shake.

5 - 20% CBD

  • Guaranteed Concentration - Certified and Specified
  • Highest Industry Standards - Accredited and Approved
  • Organically Produced - Free from heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides
  • Developed By Top Scientists - In the Cannabis Industry
Download our Water Soluble solution product specifications.

Organically Grown

We can account for your product from seed to shelf.

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Our extraction process facilitated the production of the highest standard cannabis extract, and gives you complete confidence in your product.

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