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Apothecary Collection CBD Patches

Apothecary Collection CBD Patches

7 per pack

For discreet, all-day wellness and vitality, Apothecary CBD Patches are the future. Enriched with cannabidiol, these easy daily patches will aid natural healing. The patches are quick and simple to apply; just place one patch on a relatively hair-free area, such as the inner arm and replace in a slightly different location after 24 hours, wash off any residue with warm, soapy water.

Made using gentle extraction methods, these topical patches help to sustain energy levels, increase calmness and improve overall health. They offer a discreet alternative to oral CBD and do not contain pesticides or herbicides. Try a patch today and witness the benefits.

20mg CBD | THC Free

  • Guaranteed Concentration - Certified and Specified
  • Highest Industry Standards - Accredited and Approved
  • Organically Produced - Free from heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides
  • Developed By Top Scientists - In the Cannabis Industry
Download our Apothecary Collection Softgel Capsules product specifications. HPLC tested both in-house and with the supplier.

Organically Grown

Our quality product is grown in Switzerland, in the largest hemp facility in Europe, with over 25,000 square metres of professional indoor and outdoor infrastructure.

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Our extraction process allows
us to produce the highest
standard of cannabis extract.

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