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CBG Oil in Hemp Oil

10ml / 30ml

Maintain health and balance from just three drops a day with CBG Oil. Similar to CBD Oil (Cannabidiol), CBG stands for Cannabigerol. As a non-psychoactive compound, CBG provides all the natural healing properties of a naturally derived product.

CBG may have a number of positive impacts on the body, including reducing inflammation, and improving the appetite. This palatable formula is made with medium-chain capric and caprylic fatty acids, present in coconut oil, which help the body naturally absorb the product.

Our internal endocannabinoid systems are full of receptors ready to respond to CBG, helping to improve our immune response and relieve tension. CBG may also inhibit our natural gamma-Aminobutyric acid uptake, which is responsible for our stress response. What results is an overall feeling of calm and wellness, exhibited through a clearer mind and relaxed muscles.

CBG has also been linked to skincare thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use may result in reduced skin inflammation, and relieve symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.

Administer CBG Oil with ease using a pipette. Just three drops underneath the tongue will help to maintain homeostasis, promoting healing naturally with organically derived ingredients. This premium tincture is vegan and is free from pesticides and herbicides. Enjoy the broad-spectrum benefits of the cannabis plant in one simple application.

Available in Broad Spectrum

5% CBG | 10% CBG

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  • Organically Produced - Free from heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides
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Swiss Cannabis

Our quality product is grown in Switzerland, in the largest hemp facility in Europe, with over 25,000 square metres of professional indoor and outdoor infrastructure.

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