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Lavender Night Cream CBD

Lavender Lotion


Our Lavender lotion is the perfect partner to our Blood Orange Lotion. Both have 1% CBD content and are ideal additions to a daily skincare regime. Where the Blood Orange is uplifting and energising, and therefore ideal for morning use, our Lavender Lotion is soothing and helps relieve stress – an excellent choice for before bed.

The increase from 0.2% to 1% CBD compared to our standard daily lotion is a due to iterating upon our original formulation, letting clients take advantage of all the benefits of our CBD Isolate in a topical application.

1,000mg CBD | THC Free

  • Guaranteed Concentration - Certified and Specified
  • Highest Industry Standards - Accredited and Approved
  • Organically Produced - Free from heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides
  • Developed By Top Scientists - In the Cannabis Industry
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HPLC tested both in-house and with the supplier.

Organically Grown

We can account for your product from seed to shelf.

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Our extraction process facilitated the production of the highest standard cannabis extract, and gives you complete confidence in your product.

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