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Bulk Ingredients

We offer highest quality cannabinoid and cannabis raw material. All our products are exclusively developed, extracted, and prepared in Switzerland.

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Group 231 Group 231 Group 231

1% CBD Water Soluble Solution

1% CBD | No THC
1% Water Solution

1% Solution

Our Water Soluble CBD Solution consists of an aqueous encapsulation on a nanoscale.

CBD Isolate

>97.5% CBD
CBD ISOLATE Wholesale-CBD-Isolate-min

>97.5% Pure Highest Quality CBD Isolate

This contains no other cannabinoids and is one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD into your products.

CBG Isolate

>97.5% CBG | THC Free
CBG ISOLATE Wholesale-CBD-Isolate-min

>97.5% Highest Quality CBG Isolate

High purity wholesale CBG Isolate.

CBD Distillate

>80% CBD | <6% CBG
CBD Distillate Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate Full Spectrum

CBD Distillate

Can be sold into Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum depending on your needs. 제품 보기

Always Compliant

Delivering our promise by driving real value for our clients, outside of simply selling the products.

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Always Deliver

We work across the entire supply chain of the CBD industry, including extraction, production, development, distribution and cannabis breeding.

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